Lavin ASA Eco Roof
No#1 ASA Eco Roofing Sheets in Sri Lanka manufactured according to ISO Standards (4 layer)
LAVIN ASA ECO Roofing Sheets are manufactured using advanced Polymers (ASA - Acrylonitrile Styrene Acrylate). Having manufactured under strict international ISO standards right here in Sri Lanka, our roofing sheets are resistant to water, fire, and weather and have good heat and sound insulation performances. LAVIN ASA Eco Roof offers you the traditional look of Spanish style roofing tiles.
Cancer Free
No Thermal Insulation needed
High Durability
Our ASA Eco Roofing Sheets have been tested vigorously and have been proven to cause no harmful effects to your health. We like to think these help people frame the importance of healthy buildings and of avoiding toxic building materials. Without our health – what do we have?
Increasing construction quality and durability also means stronger building structures, which ensures life safety in case of severe weather or natural disasters. Our Roofing Sheets are manufactured to the best standards in the market (4 layer)
Our ASA roofing sheets have super thermal insulation properties, thus does not require the installation of expensive thermal Aluminum Foil Insulation (Heat Insulation Material With Aluminum Foil) which will reduce your expenses
Fire Proof
Made in Sri Lanka
Our Roofing solution is Fire Proof. Our Eco Roofing Sheets are manufactured using fire retardants substances which will stop the spread of fire.The inner material PVC resin is fire retardent, and 
it is tested for fire prevention, its fire proofing performance is ≥ Class B1.
Lavin ASA Polymer 4 Layer Eco Roof is made to withstand anything. You can walk on it, or you can drive a vehicle on it. The best way to gauge our reputation and value is to listen to what our existing clients have to say about us.
Our ASA Eco Roofing Sheets are manufactured 100% in Sri Lanka according to international standards. When you purchase Sri Lankan manufactured material, you are supporting the Sri Lankan community.
Great Sound Insulation
Anti Corrosion
Water Proof
The inner and surface parts of resins both have excellent corrosion resistance performance, against the rain and any other corrosion, and can be resistant to acid, salt, alkali and various chemical elements for a very long time.
The high weathering resistance 4 Layer resin adopted in the LAVIN ASA roofing sheets is compact and does not absorb water at any time. We give you our guarantee.
LAVIN 4 layer ASA roofing has proven to show excellent sound absorbing and sound insulation performances in the tests carried out locally and internationally.
Self Cleaning
No Color Fading
Moss Resistant
LAVIN ASA Eco Roofing Sheets will always look brand new and will always look new again after being washed by rain as no mark is left on the surface.
The ASA material (Acrylonitrile Styrene Acrylate) helps in preserving the color of your roofing sheet as well as to provide further durability of the roof and also includes higher resistance towards sunlight and its adverse effects.
For roofs that either get a lot of shade or are constantly battling humid and hot conditions moss andalgae can be a problem. The ASA Polymer layer will ensure the resistance to moss gathering in your roof at all times. We will guarantee you on this.
Maintain Room Temperature
Does not change shape
Made for Sri Lankan Weather
Extraordinary thermal preservation and thermal insulation: The coefficient of heat conductivity is 0.325 w/m.k.
Due to the Rigidness of the 4 layer ASA polymer roofing sheet, no animal or human can damage or change the surface or the shape of the roofing sheet. You can even walk on the roof or drive your vehicle on top of it. 
Stable for Sri Lankan weather: The expansion coefficient is 4.93×10-5 mm/mm/°C, besides it also has a two-way stretch performance on geometrical shape, which enable it to accommodate to its extension even in case of big temperature change.
Fast Installation
Different Sizes and Lengths
Eco Friendly
LAVIN ASA Roofing Sheets are very light and also Quick and easy to install. Our products are easy to install, and we have certified installers to ensure quick and trouble-free installation in any environment
Without any asbestos or radioactive elements it can be
recycled and completely meets the requirement of environmental protection.
The length can be customized as per your requirements. We have 25 different lengths to meet your growing demands in the market